Map & Permit

Monthly Permit Policy:

All stickers must be renewed BEFORE THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH.  If you do not renew, the sticker will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.  For your convenience you may purchase permits in any increments of months you wish, to a maximum of twelve months. On the first day of each month the lot will be patrolled and a summons will be issued to any vehicle without a current sticker.  The Rahway Parking Authority WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN STICKERS.  All vehicles must be removed as soon as possible during a snowfall so our crew can plow and remove the snow.

Sticker Location:

Place the sticker pocket in the rear window of the driver’s side.  NEVER place the pocket on a roll down window.

Lock Your Vehicle:

The Rahway Parking Authority will not be responsible for any damage or loss to a vehicle or their contents while on the property of the Rahway Parking Authority or other affiliated agencies.

Parking Map

parking map