Rules & Regulations

When applying for a resident permit, you must have:

  1. Valid NJ driver's license
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Insurance card.

All three forms must show the street residence the person is applying for, no other forms will be accepted.

Permit decals shall be removed upon sale, junking, or other transfer of vehicle, or moving out of permit area and surrendered to the Parking Authority of the City of Rahway.

This permit does not exempt your vehicle from the street sweeper or any other parking rule.  We recommend that you make arrangements to have your car moved on the appropriate days for street cleaning, etc.  If you are planning a vacation, please ask a friend or neighbor to assist you by moving your car during your absence.

Registration decals, which you have been issued, must be permanently and properly mounted on the rear door window, street side of the vehicle.

The City of Rahway has passed an ordinance implementing and regulating a resident parking program. The Parking Authority, in cooperation with the city, will administer, operate, and enforce the laws and regulations of that ordinance.

The resident decal that will be affixed to your vehicle does not guarantee a parking space, but will exempt you from the two-hour parking provisions on your street only.

Residential Permit Parking:

The residential parking permit (RPP) sticker is only applicable for the specific street designated on the sticker. The sticker exempts the resident from the 2-Hour time limit parking restriction on the designated street. All other parking regulations are enforced.