RTC Garage

Important Info for Residents and Commuters about the RTCG:

Periodically it is necessary for the Rahway Parking Authority to restate, revise and/or modify the rules for parking in the Rahway Transportation Center Garage for monthly and daily parkers.  Failure to abide by the RPA’s Parking Rules & Regulations may result in the issuance of a RPA courtesy summons, municipal summons, assessment of daily parking fees, booting and/or towing of a vehicle and associated costs

RTCG Rules & Regulations

Accordingly, please find the Rules & Regulations of the RTCG as stated below: 

  • Park within the lines for an individual parking stall/space. Failure to do so will result in a summons for prohibited parking being issued.  
  • Park “head in.” Do not back into a parking space, resulting in the front of your vehicle facing the drive aisle.  A summons for prohibited parking will be issued.
  • Do not park in areas of the parking deck or parking spaces blocked off by barricades and/or traffic barrels, cones or tape. A summons for prohibited parking will be issued.  
  • Do not park in hatch marked, yellow curb, or areas with signs designated as prohibited parking. A summons for prohibited parking will be issued. 
  • Do not park or stand in a drive aisle or exit lane and block traffic if you forgot to validate and/or pay your ticket in the lobby pay station. Move your vehicle to the designated parking spaces for cashiering next to the wall by the inside exit lane, on the 1st floor by the elevator lobby.  A summons for prohibited parking may be issued.  
  • Monthly access cardholders must use their access card for entry and exit. Do not pull a ticket to gain access, to the RTCG, unless you intend to pay the ticket on exiting.  Otherwise, you will be charged the full 24 hour daily rate ($12) for parking, plus an administrative fee of $25 per incident to reset the sequence of your access card.  Multiple offenders will be subject to revocation of monthly access card privileges.
  • Monthly access cardholders may only park one vehicle, at a time, in the RTCG utilizing their access card. Multiple vehicles parked in the garage at one time, will result in the payment of the 24 hour daily parking rate for both vehicles, may result in the booting of both vehicles, payment of a $25 boot release fee and the revocation of monthly access card privileges.         
  • Commuter and business monthly access cardholders, who are not Rahway Central Business District (CBD) residents, may not park for more than 3 days/72 consecutive hours in the RTCG without the authorization of the RPA. Permission must be requested in writing and granted by the RPA for each consecutive 72-hour parking period.  Failure to secure RPA authorization will result in the assessment of daily parking rates and may result in the booting of your vehicle, a payment of a $25 boot release fee and revocation of monthly access card privileges.     
  • Rahway CBD monthly access cardholders are prohibited from “storing vehicles” in the RTCG. Vehicles parked in the garage must have valid license plates, registration and insurance.  Failure to do so may result in the ticketing, towing of a vehicle and revocation of monthly access card privileges.          
  • Monthly access cardholders shall not use their access card to allow the entry or exit of a vehicle not registered by the cardholder to the RTCG monthly parking program. Doing so, may result in ticketing, booting, payment of a $25 boot release fee, payment of daily parking fees, and revocation of monthly access card privileges.            
  • Activities by daily parkers or monthly access card parkers in the RTCG intended to circumvent payment of daily or monthly parking fees will result in the ticketing, booting, towing, referral to local police (when warranted) and the revocation of parking privileges in the RTCG and all RPA monthly surface parking facilities.

The RPA reserves the right at any time to revise, modify, change and/or add to its Rules & Regulations for parking in the RTCG.