River Place Lot

RP Lot:

  • All RP Permit Holders must be registered with RPA.
  • Vehicles must vacate Lot overnight or when advised to do so.
  • Residents on vacation in winter must leave car keys with building rental staff or a designated party.
  • No assigned parking spaces.
  • Reserved resident parking area from 5 or 7 pm to 7 am, ONLY & weekends.
  • Failure to obey rules will result in ticketing and towing.
  • Bulk Permit Sales to RP Management is approved.
  • No Permit may be issued by RP without first providing RPA with the permit holder required form agreement.
  • RPA to hold & issue all permits.
  • Free Parking will be provided to RP permit holders during snow events or when lot is closed.

Please visit the snow fall page for more information on parking rules & regulations during snow emergencies