Snow Falls

Important Info for Residents and Commuters about the Rahway Parking Authority

The Rahway Parking Authority (RPA) limits off-street parking during a Snow Emergency to allow plows to access and clear parking lots during winter storms. This policy will have a major effect on drivers who park their vehicles within the Rahway Central Business District in parking lots owned, operated and managed by the RPA.

In order to provide service to our parking patrons, The Rahway Parking Authority (RPA) needs to salt, plow and remove snow from our parking facilities before, during and immediately after snow falls.

Based upon projected snow falls, the RPA may restrict the hours of parking by its Daily and Monthly Permit Holders as well as close designated parking lots.

Please note these policies to avoid getting a ticket and having your vehicle towed! 

Section I: Declaration of a Snow Emergency

  • A Snow Emergency will be declared by the RPA when weather and road conditions merit.
  • A snow emergency will always be declared when four or more inches of snow are predicted.
  • The emergency will be declared 12 hours before the storm is predicted to begin.

Section II: Snow Emergency Rules and Regulations 

It is strongly advised that Resident Permit Holders move their vehicles as soon as an emergency is declared in order to avoid any confusion about timelines.

Residents and Commuters have 8 hours after the snow declaration to move their cars. 

Commuter Permit Holders are not allowed to park overnight in Lots A, B, F & H, Upper Lewis Street and Metro Rahway (Campbell/Cherry/Elm) during a snow emergency.

Resident Permit Holders are not allowed to park overnight in Lots RP, EM, B and A during a snow emergency.

Resident and Commuter Permit Holders may park in the Rahway Transportation Center Garage for Free, when their designated parking lot is closed for a snow emergency.

Ticketing and Towing will begin 8 hours after the snow emergency takes effect. 

Towing before snow hits the ground is necessary to ensure parking lots are empty and clear for the snow plows.

Vehicles in violation of the Snow Emergency regulations can be ticketed and towed.  Tickets are $45.00 per incident, in addition to towing fees $85.00/Storage fees $45.00 per day, which must be paid before vehicles can be recovered, in addition to any outstanding parking tickets.

Section III: Communications of Snow Emergency

It is the Permit Holder’s responsibility to seek out information regarding snow emergencies during the winter months.  The RPA will do what it can to make information easily accessible to Permit Holders:

  • Go to www.rahwayparking.org
  • Call the 24/7 Snow Emergency Line at 732-381-8778. Please do not call 9-1-1, the Police Department or DPW, in order to keep their phone lines available for emergency calls
  • Stay tuned to local radio stations, newspapers and TV, including the Cable City Channel 34.

Section IV: Permit Holder Contact Information 

The RPA requires your contact information to try to advise you of parking lot closures, restricted hours for parking and other information that affects your ability to use your designated RPA Parking facilities.

As a RPA Monthly Parking Permit Holder, you are required to provide the RPA with the following contact information:

  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Evening Phone Number
  • Email Address