To Contest A Ticket:

Contact the Rahway Violations Bureau at (732) 827-2039 to schedule a court date. For your convenience, both day and evening court sessions are available.

If you believe the ticket is invalid call the Rahway Parking Authority and we’ll investigate. If we cannot assist you, we will direct you to the Rahway Violations Bureau.

Don’t wait until the late penalty is assessed.

If Your Car Is Towed:

Cars are towed when parked in a prohibited area when they interfere with the flow of traffic, or cause a safety hazard. If your car is towed here’s what you should do.

If You Were Parked In A RPA Facility:

Call the RPA office 732-381-8778 (8am-8pm)

If You Were Parked On-Street:

Call the Rahway Police Department (732) 827-2200